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Streamline your lending operations, increase your efficiency, and decrease your costs. The AppraisalTrac application was designed for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Lending. It is designed for implementation at Regulated & Supervised Financial Institutions.

Commercial and Residential Appraisal Management ,  Document Management , Vendor Management , Regulatory Compliance , UAD MISMO XML Validation, UCDP and EAD Integrations and more in an integrated proven solution.

The AppraisalTrac application is a web based hosted collateral services workflow management system designed for use by lenders and loan originators.

AppraisalTrac technology facilitates the ordering, tracking, fulfillment and storage of collateral service orders and results.

AppraisalTrac technology is private-labeled and can be customized to fit your unique business rules. It is a web-centric solution that makes it possible for all parties involved in the collateral services fulfillment process to access real-time information and collaborate via the Internet.

The only requirement to implement and use AppraisalTrac technology, for your organization, is access to the Internet and a modern standards compliant web browser.

The AppraisalTrac® solution is continually evolving to meet the needs of our Clients. Please contact us to inquire about up to date functionality and the applicability to your requirements.

Is Dattar Systems a Vendor or Appraisal Management Company ?

No. Dattar Systems is Not a Vendor or Appraisal Management Company. We do Not select, recommend, assign or manage Orders or Vendors.

Banks and Lending Institutions implement the AppraisalTrac solution as their Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraisal Management system. Our clients use and manage their own appraiser and vendor panel. They use appraisers and vendors they currently deal with and can add new providers of their choice at any time.

The AppraisalTrac® application is a technology solution developed, delivered and supported by Dattar Systems, Inc.  We provide the technology, hosting and support services.

Does Dattar Systems collect or sell data from appraisal reports?

No. The appraisal and the appraisal data are the property of our Clients. We are in the technology business, not in the data reseller business. Dattar Systems does NOT hold any claim to data ownership nor does it collect data for its own use or for sale to other vendors. That includes not only appraisal data but also client information, e-mail addresses or other information that may be contained within the system.

Is the AppraisalTrac solution dependent on offshore / near-shore labor or overseas technical / development assistance?

No. Dattar Systems has never utilized offshore / near-shore labor or overseas technical / development assistance to develop and maintain the AppraisalTrac solution or to provide support to our Clients.

The AppraisalTrac solution was designed and developed in the San Francisco Bay Area by Dattar Systems, Inc. The AppraisalTrac solution continues to be developed, maintained and supported locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Is there any software to purchase or install?

There is no software to purchase or install. The minimum requirements to access the system is reliable Internet connectivity and a recent standards compliant web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

Dattar Systems, Inc., a California corporation established 1997, is the developer of the AppraisalTrac® collateral services workflow application.

Dattar Systems previous experience was with financial institutions, securities exchange, brokerage firms, manufacturers, and communications companies to help them meet their Information Technology goals.

With the introduction of the AppraisalTrac® solution in the year 2000, our core focus has been in the ongoing development, delivery and support of the AppraisalTrac® solution.

At Dattar Systems, we concentrate on building stable and reliable systems. We have both the technical skills and the industry knowledge required to assist Banks and Lending Institutions with their technology needs.

Dattar Systems, Inc. is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can be reached via:

Mon - Fri, 9 am - 5 pm Pacific Time
Dattar Systems, Inc.
3478 Buskirk Avenue, Suite 1000
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523