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About AppraisalTrac
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Hosted vs Turnkey
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Workflow Concepts
Dattar Systems, Inc.

Hosted vs Turnkey

The AppraisalTrac solution can be implemented as either a managed hosted solution or as a turnkey installation. The AppraisalTrac solution is continually evolving year over year to adjust to the changing business environments of our Clients. The following table highlights the primary differences between these two implementations:

Product Features top
Category Hosted Turnkey
Single Bank & Multi Bank Holding Company Implementation Included Included
Commercial and Residential Appraisal Management module Included Included
Bid Request Offer Workflow module Included Included
Environmental Due Diligence Management Workflow module
Included Included
Loan Origination System  (LOS) Integration Customization Customization
Accounting System Integration
Customization Customization
Vendor Management module Included Included
Appraiser Teams support Included Included
MIS Reporting and Data Download module Included Included
Email and Fax notifications Included Included
Report Archival to CD/DVD ROM Included Included
Mobile Multimedia Verification of Value Integration Optional Optional
Inbound Fax Document Routing and Attachment Integration Optional Optional
Engagement Letter Integration Included Included
Help Desk Support Included See Below
Private labeling and branding Included Included
Interfaces to AVMs, Flood and other services Customization Customization
Complete Source Code  (For qualified clients) Optional Optional
Financial Considerations
Category Hosted Turnkey
Capital expenditures


Dattar Systems acquires, provisions and maintains all required server hardware and network infrastructure.

We do not utilize "Shared" servers or "Shared" storage services from any other Technology Service Provider.

Our Client's Audit Teams are allowed complete access to all hardware as required by regulations. This also eliminates problems caused by infrastructure of unknown quality, reliability or ownership.

Recurring cost items Base Monthly Recurring Charge + Nominal per Loan File Charge


Flat Monthly Fee

Internal IT charge backs

Software maintenance fees

Server hardware depreciation

Server operating and systems software depreciation

Networking and communications charges

Customization charges Yes Yes, same as hosted
Transaction fee charges to Client as a percentage of Vendor Fees No No
Annual, One Time Registration or Transaction fee charges to Vendors No No
Budgetary Planning Predictable variable cost based on volume Fixed cost
Timeline for expense reductions to positively affect financials Within a couple of months Dependent on Client volume and capital expenditures at implementation
Implementation and Planning
Category Hosted Turnkey
Approval process

Faster since the following are not required:

Capital expenditure allocation

IT resource allocation for ongoing maintenance and support

Probably have to go through the internal policies and procedures of:

Capital expenditure allocation

IT resource allocation for ongoing maintenance and support

Installation and implementation time 1 - 3 weeks, including basic customization Since installation must be coordinated with client's internal IT group, implementation depends on client's priorities and IT schedule
Category Hosted Turnkey
Physical security of data and hardware

Industry best practices for high levels of Security (details in SLA).

All infrastructure is colocated at a Enterprise level Internet Data Center. Implementation choices include a Data Center with SAS70 Type II certification and Data Center with best in class direct transport Peering.

Geographic Diverse Redundant Data Center provisioning included in standard SLA for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Dependent on Client IT infrastructure.
Application data security

Industry best practices for high levels of Security (details in SLA).

Users only have access to the system via an active userid and password

All communications, including file transfers, occur via 128-bit Secure Sockets (SSL)

Dattar Systems has the proven experience in providing dedicated secure application hosting facilities since the year 2000

Dependent on Client IT infrastructure and implementation configuration.
Support top
Category Hosted Turnkey
Problem resolution

Our transactional revenue structure ensures that for us to be successful, our clients must be successful. This ensures that application reliability and availability is our #1 priority.

First level problem resolution provided by client's internal IT group.
Reliability and redundancy of Internet connectivity


Enterprise level Internet Data Center, Multiple points of Internet Connectivity, Multiple sources of electric power, UPS and Redundant PDUs, Redundant Climate Control Units, Physical security against environmental hazards

Dependent on Client IT infrastructure.

Client IT Help Desk resources

None required.

Help desk support is provided by Dattar Systems, Inc.


Level 1: Client calls internal Help Desk to resolve problems.

Level 2: Client's Help Desk can forward calls to Dattar Systems for issues they are unable to resolve internally.

Client IT staff and resources required for daily and weekly monitoring and maintenance

None required.

Dattar Systems performs all required application monitoring and maintenance.

A reputable independent third party monitors performance and availability from two locations in the continental USA.

Yes, required.

The following items must be monitored, managed and maintained:

Server hardware and software

Application development lifecycle

IT staff personnel

Internet connectivity for application hosting

Operating system and application software service pack installation

System Backups


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